Thank you for purchasing the all new Open Haus board game! This is a game for 6-9 players. Contents of Box: 4 webcams and 1 Omar Cam, 9 office chairs, 1 SF Giants bobblehead, 1 quiet intern, and a Reddit account pre-subscribed to the Funhaus Subreddit. You'll need: 5-8 friends and one Matt Peake, various props and costumes and sex toys. How to Play: All players sit at a table facing each other. Using the provided Reddit account, source 5-9 questions from the Funhaus Subreddit. Make sure they're the same questions asked every week. Bonus points for a F/M/K or Game of Thrones question. Begin recording using the provided webcams. Starting with the player in the "Adam" spot, ask the players questions, laughing or ignoring the answers depending on who's answering. Feel free to use any props/costumes/sex toys on hand to enhance your answers. Cease play when you reach the end of the questions, or when the player in the "Bruce" position gets bored. Take the recording, and edit it heavily over the course of 3 days. Using the provided quiet intern, create dozens of photoshops people will see for 3.5 seconds each. Upload the video (making sure to monetize in all countries). The commentors on the video will decide the winner. Have fun!!

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