Our Unwinding Ethos

Urban legends are suspicious and doubtful, drawing the past and the future. Folklore professor Pandora encountered the local haunted when he visited the legend of the bride's pool. She found that someone used the legendary crime to find out the truth with the reporter Fu Zibo and unveiled the unpredictable life of the bride. The Dora's teacher was missing for seven years. His son was actually Zibo. The two decided to complete his unfinished essay "The Legend of Hong Kong Metropolis". During the investigation, he encountered a case similar to the legend. It was unusual to see the disappearance of the teacher. During the investigation, Dora and Zibo met the police officer Yi Mingxian, whose family was the protagonist of the legend of the fox fairy sucking baby. Dora was entrusted to investigate the past year, and turned to the pawn shop run by the mother! At this time, Zibo discovered that his father is still in the world...

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  • TheTVDB.com Series ID 366814
  • Status Ended
  • First Aired
  • Network TVB
  • Runtime 40
  • Genres Drama, Horror
  • Airs 9:30 PM on Weekdays
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