In the beginning, Horus the falcon god of light and Set the god of evil fought to control Egypt. The council of the Gods decided, Set was sent to exile and Horus became the first pharaoh of Egypt. For two thousand years, pharaoh succeeded pharaoh. But Set had plotted his revenge, and deep inside his sinister black pyramid of Ombos, Set imprisoned Horus in a magic sarcophagus. From then on, and no longer protected by the god Horus, Egypt was at the mercy of Set and his servant Aker. So the gods chose Papyrus, a young fisherman who must find the secret entrance to Ombos, free the god Horus and restore peace to Egypt.

English Deutsch Français Ελληνικά русский язык Nederlands
  • Series ID 141651
  • Status Ended
  • First Aired 1998-01-01
  • Network TF1
  • Runtime 25
  • Genres Adventure, Animation, Children, Family
  • Airs
  • Rating
  • IMDB tt0416401
  • Schedules Direct
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  • Last Updated 12/17/2018 11:33am


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