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Episode 7

Lizzie finds a stray cat in the garden and brings it into the prison. When it dies, she blames Franky for killing it, but it turns out she did it accidentally herself by giving it water from the garden tainted with weed killer. Lizzie then tries to fake amnesia in order to get an early release but Meg sees right through it. Gary Doyle comes to visit Franky again and gives her a copy of his plans for the farm. Later, the other women deface the plans by scribbling all over them. Mum suggests Franky work in the garden to keep her away from Bea. Erica and Meg ponder Franky's chances of a parole. Some male prisoners come to work outside the fence to work on the drainage system and Lynn befriends one of them, a guy named Doug. Vera's mother has a heart attack and dies. Marilyn is released to live with Eddie but, unable to get a job after being inside, she considers going back on the game.

Name Type Role
Denise Morgan Writer
Greg Stroud Guest Star
Taro Thomas Guest Star
John Arnold Guest Star
Belinda Davey Guest Star
Dorothy Bradley Guest Star
Leonie Collins Guest Star
Gillian O'Flynn Guest Star
Gary Conway Director