Melinda finds Bella's body in the shower block and Bea falls under suspicion of her murder. Noeline schemes and points the finger at Bea and Monica: Bea has an alibi in the form of Greg, so Monica becomes the chief suspect. They are both sent to Solitary anyway. Lizzie tries to confess to clear her mates, but nobody believes a word of it. Melinda cons Greg into helping her in court, by using her pregnancy to get off on a good behaviour bond. As soon as she is free, she goes to see him and demands an abortion. He realises she never had any intention of having the baby and only used it to get released. Disgusted by the whole matter, Greg resigns from Wentworth. Meg very quickly grows tired of Leanne's antics and complains when she arrives at the prison to see Noeline. Noeline passes something to her during the visit, which turns out to be a ring stolen from Bella's body after her murder.

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  • Episode Number 53
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Wednesday, August 22, 1979
  • Production Code
  • Directors Marcus Cole
  • Writers Ray Kolle
  • Guest Stars Burt Cooper (Mr Baxter), Robin Cuming (Jack Crosse), Kenneth Goodlet (Det Sgt Allen), Kate Jason (Martha Eaves), Jude Kuring (Noeline Bourke), Lulu Pinkus (Melinda Crosse), Tracy-Jo Riley (Leanne Bourke), Lise Rodgers (Officer Phillip), James Taylor (Judge)
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