Monica is in trouble from Toni and Martha, out to get her for lagging and blow her parole. However, Meg realises that a fight between them was a set up and Monica is released after all, vowing never to be back. Sean McNally cuts Toni off, refusing to supply her with any more contraband. Now that the supply has run dry, the women tire of her and reject her, leaving only Martha on her side. Meanwhile Glenys, the witness to Toni's crime, is followed around by McNally's hitmen. Karen takes up her post with Angela Jeffries, who tells her they finally have the funding for the Halfway House. She wants Karen to try and persuade Greg to go back to the prison, but he still refuses. Later, Greg is alarmed to learn that Angela is gay.

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  • Episode Number 60
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Tuesday, September 18, 1979
  • Production Code
  • Directors Leigh Spence
  • Writers Michael Brindley
  • Guest Stars Pat Bishop (Antonia McNally), Jeanie Drynan (Angela Jeffries), Roz French (Glenys Buchanan), Burt Cooper (Terry Mansini), Henry Cuthbertson (Dr Herbert), Nick Kislinski (Bert Lynch), Gene Van Dam (Hit Man 1), Marcel Cugola (Hit Man 2)
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