Meg finds Mum unconscious and calls Greg, who says she has pleuresy. She is admitted to hospital. Meanwhile, Erica finds out about Meg visiting Mum against regulations, and she is furious. Doreen makes up with Lizzie, but rebuffs Bea's attempt to mend fences. Toni gets a visit from Ros Coulson, daughter of the woman she killed. Next day in court, Glenys withdraws her testimony and Toni is cleared. On the steps of the court, Ros guns her down. Erica goes on leave, and Jim returns to take over as Acting Governor. He immediately tries to show his authority by announcing cell changes, earning the women's anger. Bea threatens to set fire to some mattresses unless Jim returns them to their old cells. He agrees, but takes away all their privileges instead.

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  • Episode Number 63
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Wednesday, September 26, 1979
  • Production Code
  • Directors Leon Thau
  • Writers Denise Morgan
  • Guest Stars Pat Bishop (Antonia McNally), Jeanie Drynan (Angela Jeffries), Penny Stewart (Kathleen Leach), Kate Jason (Martha Eaves), Sigrid Thornton (Roslyn Coulson), Mary Ward (Mum Brooks), Roz French (Glenys Buchanan), Burt Cooper (Terry Mansini)
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