Jim overpowers Geoff and roughs him up, and Meg is horrified how violent he becomes. The police arrest Geoff. Chrissie wants to go back to the Laundry, and Vera agrees if she will lag. The women get Chrissie to help smuggle from the kitchen, but she betrays them and they get caught. Bea suspects Chrissie of lagging. Bea helps Pat write to Herbie about the trial, which Kathleen will smuggle out to a visitor. Chrissie tips Vera off, but it's a set-up: she just walked into a trap which proves she is the lagger. After an attempt to throw the letter over the fence also backfires on Chrissie, Bea tells her not to let on to Vera that they're on to her: it could be useful. The letter to Herbie was intended to go out through Angela Jeffries, but that fails too. Jim catches Ros and Lizzie stealing more kitchen stuff, but when Erica and Vera arrive on the scene, Ros accuses him of striking her.

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  • Episode Number 1
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Tuesday, February 5, 1980
  • Production Code
  • Directors Julian Pringle
  • Writers Denise Morgan
  • Guest Stars Monica Maughan (Pat O'Connell), Amanda Muggleton (Chrissie Latham), Sigrid Thornton (Roslyn Coulson), Penelope Stewart (Kathleen Leach), Penny Ramsay (Leila Fletcher), Ray Meagher (Geoff Butler)
  • Is Movie
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