Sharon is furious to be brought back to Wentworth, and is put in to share with Chrissie Latham. They form something of a partnership, and Sharon gets Judy to smuggle drugs in for them. Before long, she has both Pat and Caroline for customers, and has Bea set up to keep her in Isolation. Sharon gets the women to resume the craft project. Chrissie goes to Isolation and tells Bea that Sharon's in charge of the women now; Bea attacks her through the bars but Sharon comes to the rescue. Later, after lights out, Sharon and Chrissie's relationship turns sexual. Lizzie gives Kevin a drunken piece of her mind for dumping Doreen. Later, he turns up out of the blue to ask Doreen to go for dinner, where he proposes to her. Vera tells Erica she thinks Jim and Caroline are getting too close for comfort. Caroline agrees to let Paul contact Michael, but when he comes to visit they only argue, and Jim escorts him out again.

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  • Episode Number 12
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Wednesday, March 12, 1980
  • Production Code
  • Directors Gary Conway
  • Writers Denise Morgan
  • Guest Stars Amanda Muggleton (Chrissie Latham), Rosalind Speirs (Caroline Simpson), Bernadette Gibson (Vivienne Williams), Margot Knight (Sharon Gilmour), Betty Bobbitt (Judy Bryant), Ian Gilmour (Kevin Burns), Peter Ford (Michael Simpson), Anne Phelan (Bernadette)
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