Jim admits to visiting Caroline, but dismisses any suggestion they have been having an affair. At home, Leila wants to send Matthew to a private school, but he doesn't have any money to do so after bailing out Caroline and Vivienne. Leila gets a phone call telling her this, and that her husband is seeing Caroline, and she throws Jim out. Lizzie is arrested for shoplifting again. After sneaking into the Magistrate's office at her trial and flushing his memoirs down the loo, she is thrilled to be returned to Wentworth for six months. Judy's health worries continue, but the sister can't do anything to help unless she has the tests she's refusing. Bea is smitten with Ken, as the women get the drama bug. Pat continues to refuse an appeal, and learns that Andrew has run away from the home again.

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  • Episode Number 22
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Wednesday, April 16, 1980
  • Production Code
  • Directors Leigh Spence
  • Writers Margaret McClusky
  • Guest Stars Margot Knight (Sharon Gilmour), Betty Bobbitt (Judy Bryant), Rosalind Speirs (Caroline Simpson), Penny Ramsay (Leila Fletcher), Peter Ford (Michael Simpson), Tom Oliver (Ken Pearce), Cornelia Frances (Carmel Saunders), Arthur Barradell-Smith (Magistrate)
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