Bea is furious, thinking Ken has made a fool of her, and calls a halt to the drama class. Paul desperately tries to salvage the situation, and engineers a meeting between them. Ken tells her the blonde girl was his daughter, Debbie, and things get back on track. Pat has one last visit from her kids before her appeal, and tries to think positive. Leila's living on her nerves, and has a blazing row with Jim in front of the kids. Jim doesn't think either Geoff or Michael is responsible; Caroline also gets a threatening letter. With the police circling, Geoff instructs Michael to deliver the parcel to Jim's hotel room. He doesn't get that far, and has to leave it at the reception. Later, as Jim rests in his room, Leila and the boys turn up at the hotel to visit, and collect the parcel from reception for him. As Nicholas and Matthew wrestle with the parcel outside Jim's room, the bomb explodes.

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  • Episode Number 26
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Wednesday, April 30, 1980
  • Production Code
  • Directors Marcus Cole
  • Writers Marcus Cooney
  • Guest Stars Margot Knight (Sharon Gilmour), Betty Bobbitt (Judy Bryant), Rosalind Speirs (Caroline Simpson), Tom Oliver (Ken Pearce), Penny Ramsay (Leila Fletcher), Peter Ford (Michael Simpson), Ray Meagher (Geoff Butler), Cornelia Francis (Carmel Saunders)
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