There's a lockdown in Wentworth following Sharon's death, and a griefstricken Judy blames Bea for killing her, but she is as much a suspect as Bea is. She threatens to have her revenge, and is moved to Isolation out of the way. Sharon's death is eventually ruled as an accident, but nobody believes that. Meanwhile, the Department are fed up with Kerry's constant press coverage, and insist on her early parole. One of the conditions placed, though, is that she has nothing more to do with David Austin. Lizzie doesn't know whether to meet the woman claiming to be Marcia. Doreen is terrified as Jock puts on the pressure to sell the house. Kevin visits and tells her he doesn't want her to, but Jock is present, and prevents her whispering to Kev. He plants contraband in her cell, and reports to Jim that he thinks Kevin passed her something. After a cell search, Dor ends up in the pound. Later, Jock pays her a visit to say that if she doesn't do what he says and sell her house, he might have to

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  • Episode Number 34
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Wednesday, May 28, 1980
  • Production Code
  • Directors Bill Hughes
  • Writers Margaret McClusky
  • Guest Stars Tommy Dysart (Jock Stewart), Penny Downie (Kerry Vincent), Rod Mullinar (David Austin), Ian Gilmour (Kevin Burns), Sidney Jackson (Det Sgt Teagan), Ian Smith (Ted Douglas)
  • Is Movie
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