Vera keeps quiet over Jock when he reminds her how he helped her with Kerry, but later overhears Judy accusing Jock of killing Sharon, and finally reports him. Paul tells the solicitor after Doreen's house that she isn't selling, and threatens to report him to the police. The police question Jock about the murder, and he is suspended. Before he leaves, Jock gleefully admits to Judy that he killed Sharon, and she slaps him. Erica tells Judy they have no real proof that Jock is the killer, apart from Judy's sayso. An angry Judy wants Bea's help to ensure Jock doesn't get away with murder. Lizzie is just getting to know Marcia and Josie when Marcia announces they are leaving as they can't afford to stay in the city any longer. Lizzie wants to loan them money, but doesn't have any until her compo comes through, so Doreen agrees to let them stay in her house. Kerry and David defy the court order that they are not to see each other, and end up having sex. Paul laters drops by to check on Ker

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  • Episode Number 36
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Wednesday, June 4, 1980
  • Production Code
  • Directors Marcus Cole
  • Writers Sheila Sibley
  • Guest Stars Tommy Dysart (Jock Stewart), Penny Downie (Kerry Vincent), Rod Mullinar (David Austin), Caroline Gillmer (Helen Smart), Judith Dick (Marcia Huntley), Michelle Argue (Josie Huntley), Sidney Jackson (Det Sgt Teagan), Eugene Schlusser (Mr Westmore)
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