Bea blames herself for not noticing anything wrong with Doreen. Meg tells Lizzie that her visit to see Josie has been arranged, but Bea is suspicious that something must be wrong as permission was granted unusually quickly. Judy tells Margo to get lost when she comes to Kay wanting her to place a bet. Ted comes to see Erica, and she repeats her demand that Agnes must go, and threatens to withdraw her from working contact with the prisoners. Ellen comes to collect Lizzie and tells her that the doctors are giving Josie tests for bone marrow disease. A conversation with Jim convinces Agnes she must resign and she phones Erica to tell her so. Jim goes straight to Erica's office accusing her of victimising Agnes, not realising that Ted Douglas is in the office too. Jim is later summoned to see Ted in Erica's office and told he can no longer be considered for the Governorship of Barnhurst after his outburst against Erica. Kay asks Erica if she can be sent back to isolation until her trial as she fears she may be set up again. Margo gets her runner Linda to put pressure on Kay to place a bet when she delivers Kay's meal to isolation, but Kay sends her packing. Erica offers to arrange a transfer for Agnes, but she stands on her dignity and refuses, asking to be left alone, as she still has "a lot of packing to do". Lizzie tries to cheer Josie up, as she is worried by all the tests she's been given. Vera wants the social worker's office to be given over to the senior staff, saying she's sick of writing up reports in reception: Meg wryly comments that maybe she shouldn't write so many. Bea is allowed to visit Doreen in sickbay but she is still in very low spirits and Jim sends her away before she can get much of a reaction from Doreen. Ellen comes to see Lizzie next day to tell her that Josie's tests were positive and she needs urgent treatment in Chicago. At Kay's trial, Dr Weissman says Kay showed no intention to reform herself and used her meetings with him only as a means of establishing the grounds for her defence. Meg tells Doreen she should look on the baby as her own and try to forget who the father is if she intends to keep it. Kay's solicitor points out to her that she only has herself to blame for Dr Weissman's damning evidence. Lizzie says goodbye to Josie and Ellen before they leave for America, and tells Ellen she is happy to pay for Josie's treatment. Agnes tells Jim not to worry about her and thanks him for being the only person who supported her. Bea warns Lizzie to cheer up as they will only depress Doreen more when she gets out of the infirmary. As a result of seeing Agnes trying to be brave about being sacked, Jim reacts strangely when Meg asks him if he's heard anything about the Barnhurst job and tells her bluntly to stop interfering in his life. Kay is brought back to Wentworth on a five year sentence for theft and embezzlement - and hasn't even had her shower before she's offering Vera a deal to join forces to fix Bea.

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  • Episode Number 57
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Tuesday, August 19, 1980
  • Production Code
  • Directors Michael Pattinson
  • Writers John Wood
  • Guest Stars Michelle Argue (Josie Huntley), Jane Clifton (Margot Gaffney), Elaine Cusick (Linda Jones), Judith Dick (Ellen Huntley), Sandy Gore (Kay White), Lois Ramsey (Agnes Forster), Brian Moll (Mr Spenser), Ian Smith (Ted Douglas), Bryon Williams (Dr Williams)
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