Bea orders the women to send Sandra to Coventry so she can't get any more information. Judy overhears Sandra ask Jim to be allowed to make a phone call and using considerable knowledge of regulations to get her own way. Doreen borrows Bea's torch so she can finish knitting the socks after light out. Doreen breaks the no talking to Sandra ban to ask her if she'll agree to go top classes with her, and she manages to give David his present. However, Erica comes in to the library to see how classes are going and David hides the socks on the bookshelves. Bea and Doreen try to cheer Judy up by saying she did the right thing for all of them while she was on the outside. David shows Vera the socks and she comments acidly that he ought to start knitting classes. When she next sees Doreen she can't resist making a snide comment which makes Doreen run back to her cell. Bea and Lizzie find her in tears and decide to attend the classes to settle the score. They turn up next day with a few extra bodies in tow, and Bea lets David know that any personal information he learns about the women must remain private, but she accepts his explanation that he didn't mean to hurt Doreen's feelings. Sandra is cleaning the showers when someone creeps up behind her and knocks her out by pushing her head against the tiled shower wall. Vera discovers her when she's coming round , but she claims to have slipped on a wet patch. Bea says they will change tactics and turn the tables on Sandra to try to find out more about her. Vera sends Sandra for another examination after she comes over dizzy. When Sandra returns to the rec room, the women start to interrogate her. She starts to flirt with Judy dropping a heavy hint that she thinks they'd get on just fine if they could share a cell. Judy objects when Sandra is moved to share her cell, after Sandra has gone to Erica to ask for a transfer. Meg and Colleen speculate on the connection between Sandra's "accident" and her request for a cell change. Bea tells Doreen she'll have to lay off David as she's changed her mind and now gives the classes her approval. Sandra tries to seduce Judy by taking off her clothes in front of her, but Judy tells her to piss off. Lizzie is worried that Sid hasn't come into work and asks Colleen to check on him. Doreen sees Miss Vaughan in Erica's office who tries to reconcile with Kevin. David goes shopping for new clothes with Vera and she invites him for dinner, only to find out he already has a girlfriend. Vera changes the rosters to put herself in maternity: Erica is surprised and reminds Vera that she's always called it "the Siberia of Wentworth". Sandra finally offers Judy cash in return for information, and finds herself being frog marched to Bea's cell, where she is roughed up until she admits who she really is: she's a journalist and she had herself deliberately imprisoned to follow up Judy's story. Colleen calls in to see Sid and finds him unconscious on the kitchen floor.

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  • Episode Number 9
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Wednesday, March 4, 1981
  • Production Code
  • Directors Juliana Focht
  • Writers Bryon Williams
  • Guest Stars Edward Hepple (Sid Humphrey), Serge Lazareff (David Andrews), Candy Raymond (Sandra Hamilton), Judith McGrath (Officer Powell), Joy Westmore (Officer Barry), Babs McMillan (Miss Vaughan)
  • Is Movie
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