Sandra protests to Meg when her breakfast is brought to solitary that she didn't cause the fire. In the dining room, the other women are speculating about where Evelyn is, and what is likely to happen to Sandra. Margo phones Wayne but finds that the line has been cut off: Meg offers to pass a message to him that Margo wants to be collected on her release next day. Jim deals with Sandra in Erica's absence, and agrees to allow her out of solitary for half a day if she will use her journalistic skills to try to find out who really caused the fire. Lizzie passes on to the others that Evelyn is in hospital. Vera drops a heavy hint when she brings Sandra back to the laundry and Bea has no trouble picking it up, realising that Jim has put her back among them deliberately to act as a stool pigeon. Meg visits Wayne and is appalled by the squalid living conditions. Bea decides to get Sandra to write some good PR for them by convincing her that Evelyn started the fire herself to make it look as though the women were persecuting her to get a transfer. David tells Georgie the tests show she has "glue ear" and a simple operation can correct it. He offers to tell someone in her family that she's going into hospital, and she warns him not to contact her mother, who only cares about "those girls". Bea goes to Jim and tells him that Evelyn paid some of the women to steal the rope and turpentine for her from the garden shed. He seems unconvinced until Bea asks him if Evelyn had been angling for a transfer. Jim goes to search Evelyn's cell and finds the stuff hidden in the bottom of the locker. Sandra thanks Bea and agrees to write whatever story the women want. Judy apologises to Georgie for coming on strong to her and Georgie's response is "Rack off, you old dyke". Margo and Sandra are both to be released: Margo asks Bea to look after her profits from running the book until she can collect it, as she fears that both she and Sandra will be searched. Wayne and Gary are waiting for the two women: Vera sourly predicts that they'll both be back. Margo finds Wayne's house isn't quite what she expected but manages to hide her disappointment and refuses a cup of tea in favour of something else she hasn't had for 18 months. David suggests a pottery course, and Erica offers to provide the materials, and asks if she can attend the class as a pupil. Dr Randall explains the operation to Georgie but she still sounds scared. Vera wants to censor Sandra's article when it appears in the paper, but Meg persuades her to let it go through. Bea isn't at all satisfied by Sandra's sensationalist piece which is entitled "How I Took On Wentworth and Lost". Margo tells Wayne she's had to pay a month's rent to get the rent collector off their backs. Vera isn't impressed when David tells her about Erica's egalitarian gesture and comments that next she'll be wanting to help out in the laundry. Wayne takes Margo out to an expensive bar and gives her a flashy wristwatch: she seems unsure whether to believe his assurances that it isn't stolen. The women are amazed to see Erica at the pottery class , and even more so when David introduces her by her first name (though Erica visibly stiffens when Bea dares to use it). Margo goes to the CES but is told her chances of finding a job are next to nil when she admits she's just come out of prison. Erica monopolises the only potter's wheel at the pottery class. Georgie's operation is a success and she is visited by her boyfriend Mike, though she's less pleased to see her mother Jeannie. Wayne admits to Margo that he doesn't have a job, though it seems doubtful that he had actually walked out that afternoon after an argument with the foreman, as he claims. Margo goes back to Wentworth hoping to get her money back from Bea, but as she can't tell Meg the real reason for her visit, she has to go away empty handed.

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  • Episode Number 15
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Wednesday, March 25, 1981
  • Production Code
  • Directors Marcus Cole
  • Writers Dave Worthington
  • Guest Stars Jane Clifton (Margo Gaffney), Vince Gil (Wayne Bradshaw), Serge Lazareff (David Andrews), Tracey Mann (Georgie Baxter), Candy Raymond (Sandra Hamilton), Warwick Randall (Dr Patton), Leila Hayes (Jeannie Baxter), John Geros (Mike The Bike)
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