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Episode 190

No-one will talk to Bea in the rec room, though Hazel and Chrissie pointedly talk about her as if she wasn't there, provoking Bea to speak up in her own defence, but this only leads to a shouting match. When Vera breaks it up, Chrissie demands to see the Governor immediately to ask for another unsupervised visit from Mick to make up for the one she lost. Erica refuses and points out she is being very short-sighted to create so much trouble with her parole coming up. After a promise of a visit the following week if she is still inside, Chrissie calms down, but while Vera is showing her back to her cell, she manages to turn her against Bea again by pointing out that Chrissie is very unlikely to get her parole, so why should she worry about jeopardising it? The argument between Chrissie and Bea duly resumes, this time developing into a real fight: Vera takes Chrissie off to solitary gloating that now she will certainly lose her parole. Bea tells Lizzie that if the women don't want her as top dog, they can fend for themselves. Erica asks Vera to release Chrissie from solitary without punishment. Ken is delighted when Erica phones him to let him know about the unsupervised visit with Bea. The women won't even take a smoko when Bea says, so she steps away from the press and pushes Hazel off the sewing machine. Judy reluctantly takes over the press, but she says it doesn't mean she's agreeing to be top dog. Doreen is sick of all the bickering and asks to be put to work somewhere else. Ken's daughter Debbie comes to stay with him: she asks him about Bea and whether he's serious about her. David tries to persuade Chrissie to come to his class on "modern living". Doreen comes over all secretive when Bea sees her writing a letter and asks who she's writing to. Doreen says she still wants to be Bea's friend but doesn't want to get involved in any trouble. Erica tells the other officers that Meg will be starting soon as a parole officer. At the mail call, Doreen gets a letter an

Name Type Role
Ray Kolle Writer
Diana Mann Guest Star
Peter Hosking Guest Star
Serge Lazareff Guest Star
Michael Long Guest Star
Tom Oliver Guest Star
Belinda Davey Guest Star
Amanda Muggleton Guest Star
Anthony Hawkins Guest Star
Juliana Focht Director