Jim runs for help. Margo comes to in the infirmary, but has no idea who hit her. Bob tells Meg that he has no interest in Arna and invites Meg to have lunch with them that afternoon before he takes Arna to the airport. Vera questions Margo about the attack. Margo decides it was Terry who did it and tells Vera about the tape and the scotch. Margo repeats the story to Erica, but Vera returns from a cell search claiming to have found nothing. Margo is not very surprised at this. Bea is off the hook, as she was in the rec room the entire time, but both Terry and Doreen walk in afterwards. Bea is pretty sure Terry is the basher. Jim comes right out and asks Terry. Terry is shocked that Jim would even ask. Meg has lunch with Bob and Arna. When Arna finds out that Meg is a parole officer she is very interested as many of her family are involved in Swedish prison reform. She asks to see Wentworth. Bob says it will be no problem. Terry visits Margo in the infirmary and asks her who attacked her. Margo says he did. Jim walk in on them and Margo claims he's threatening her. Jim doesn't believe her, but thinks Terry was awfully stupid to be alone with her. Judy tells Bea that all her cassette tapes have gone missing. Erica decides that Margo cannot be returned to the other women so she must be put into isolation. Margo's none too thrilled with this. Doreen is crook and runs to the toilet every few minutes. Judy's tapes have been returned - obviously played - and Hazel's have disappeared. Bea figures the screws are trying to find the incriminating tape and wants to know who bashed Margo. Doreen takes off for the loo again. Erica asks Jim if he could escort a guest around the prison. Jim reminds her he has the afternoon off. Arna arrives. Jim gives up his afternoon. The women are impressed by Arna and her stories of Swedish prisons. Bea sees a lot of potential for the Prisoners Needs Committee. Vera delivers Margo's meal to her in isolation. Margo tells Vera that when she gets out she'll make sure Terry pays. Vera retorts that they'll just have to make sure she never gets out. Terry confesses to Jim about the bottle of scotch. Jim decides not to report it but asks Terry to please stop trying to cultivate prisoners. He then finds Vera listening to cassette tapes. Vera says that the integrity of prison officers must be protected. Jim says that surely Terry wasn't stupid enough to get himself recorded... "was he?" The looks on Vera and Terry's faces answer his question. Bob has to work late so Nick whips up a candlelight dinner. Meg is a little uncomfortable. Nick then gives her an expensive gift. Meg says he has the wrong idea about her, that she thinks of him as a son. Nick says she led him on, upsets the dinner table and runs out. Bea is roaming the corridors searching for Doreen. She finds Doreen, very drunk and holding a near empty bottle of scotch, hollering for Lizzie at the gates of the maternity block . She ushers Doreen back to her cell and asks her for the tape. Doreen gives it to her. As Doreen rambles on about bashing Margo, Bea looks at the cassette and smiles. Meg is worried about Nick, if he gets into trouble his parole will be revoked and she won't be able to help him. Meanwhile, Nick is thrown out of a bar for disorderly conduct. He picks up a bottle and hurls it through the window.

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  • Episode Number 42
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Tuesday, June 30, 1981
  • Production Code
  • Directors Leigh Spence
  • Writers Dave Worthington
  • Guest Stars Jane Clifton (Margo Gaffney), Anthony Hawkins (Bob Morris), Ned Manning (Nick Clarke), Kerry McGuire (Arna Johannsen), Kirsty Grant (Samantha), Reylene Pearce (Phyllis Hunt), Les James (Barman)
  • Is Movie
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