Terry is killed by a gunshot from the car. Erica gets a telephone call from the gate guard about the shooting, and immediately phones Det. Insp. Grace. Doreen tells the other prisoners about the police arriving and thinks she'd heard the shots shortly before. Inspector Grace interviews Vera , and gets her description of the car and the men inside it. Jim stops the interview and Grace admits he already knew about Terry's responsibility for Kathy's death. Vera refuses to see a doctor and leaves the prison on her own. She turns up at Meg's office and eventually breaks down in tears talking to Meg about Terry. The women hear about Terry's death on TV. Vera goes in for her last day at Wentworth, much to Jim's suprise (and annoyance, since he'd changed the rotas already to cover for her). Inspector Grace tells Vera that the pawnbroker have been arrested, but that Fitwater has flown to Sydney and is therefore someone else's problem. Alison is unhappy with having an ex-prisoner looking after her children but Myra finally convinces her and Alison apologises. Erica and Jim make plans for a farewell party for Vera, though they are both concerned that Vera is hiding her feelings. Lizzie learns that Sid has left her his house. Vera walks into the staffroom as Meg and Jim are discussing her problems: she tells them that she knows they mean well but she doesn't want their pity. When Alison comes back to Wentworth, she asks Erica if she can be moved back to H-block: she apologises to Bea, so Bea agrees to give her another chance. Sid's son Gordon is angry that Lizzie has inherited the house, and accuses her of tricking Sid, but Erica asks him to leave because of rudeness to Lizzie. Bea and the others tell Lizzie to fight for the house if Gordon tries to contest the will. When the list of the working party for the day centre is posted on the notice board, Mouse writes her own name on the list (apparently without using a pen!). The prisoners throw their own farewell party. Mouse wraps up a stone and gives it to Vera as a "pet rock", while Lizzie tells Vera she will miss her. Vera leaves Wentworth for the last time without going to the party organised by Jim and Erica. She recalls the comments about her that she's overheard, but at the last moment evidently decides that she is relieved to be rid of Wentworth, and strides confidently into her new future.

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  • Episode Number 59
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Wednesday, September 2, 1981
  • Production Code
  • Directors Wayne Cameron
  • Writers Dave Worthington
  • Guest Stars Fay Kelton (Alison Page), Judith McGrath (Officer Colleen Powell), Stuart Finch (Don Page), Jentah Sobott (Heather 'Mouse' Trapp), Terry Gill (Det Insp Grace), Anne Phelan (Myra Desmond), Simon Finch (Chris Page), Jennifer Finch (Susan Page)
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