Jim believes that Colleen is trying to influence him to forget that he saw her hit Andrea. Judy tells Andrea that she's unpopular with the other prisoners because of her "know-it-all" attitude, but offers to keep an eye on her. Peter tells Doreen that he will meet Meg. Judy defends Andrea and tries to explain her circumstances to Bea. Andrea somehow manages to get her hands on a rifle and uses it in an escape attempt during an outdoor recreation period by firing shots in the air and making a run for it during the confusion. Bea notices what is happening and alerted the screws, who prevent Andrea's escape. Sgt .Williams interviews Andrea, but she blames the other prisoners, and refuses to talk until she has a lawyer present. Bea convinces Erica not to suspend the trips to the day centre. Judy accuses Bea of taking the screws' side when someone was trying to escape, which leads them into a major argument. Colleen needs Jim's signature, and goes to the day centre to see him. Andrea collects newspaper cuttings about Erica , and puts them in a letter. Meg meets Peter, and tries to persuade him to give himself up: she gives him two hours to make his mind up. Colleen goes to the day centre still in uniform, and talks to Mrs Reid, telling her that the people working on the house are from Wentworth. A little later the police are called to the centre to investigate a "complaint". Doreen and Lizzie think that the police have come to get Peter, and persuade him to escape. Mrs Reid is annoyed that the police can't find anything wrong going on at the house. Lizzie thinks something is odd when she sees Mrs Reid talking to the police. Doreen is worried about Peter, and she takes a food parcel and sneaks out of the day centre to follow him.

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  • Episode Number 64
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Tuesday, September 22, 1981
  • Production Code
  • Directors Juliana Focht
  • Writers Peter Brennan, Wendy Jackson
  • Guest Stars Belinda Davey (Hazel Kent), Jentah Sobott (Heather 'Mouse' Trapp), Bethany Lee (Andrea Hennessy), Mary Charlston (Linda Golman), Kate Turner (Ricky Lee), Stefan Dennis (Peter Richards), Marion Edwards (Mrs Reid), Paul Colombani (Martin Richards)
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