... but she misses and Erica escapes. Wentworth gets a new prison officer, Janet Conway. Jim is disappointed when he finds out that she is only just out of training school. Erica tries to run from kidnappers, but they catch her. Bea tells Jim to let the kidnappers know they are holding Andrea, but Ted Douglas refuses to lift the media ban so Jim phones a radio station on his own initiative. Bea gets a hint from something Andrea says about where the kidnappers might be, and passes the information on to Jim. Erica and the kidnappers hear a news report about Andrea being taken hostage by Bea. Jim works out that Erica must be at South Beach, and tells Sgt. Ross. He phones the police at South Beach who have received a report of a scuffle between three women. Mr. Douglas is furious with Jim and dismisses him, but Jim threatens to go to the newspapers, since he is longer is employed by the Department. Judy tries to calm down Bea, but she is very angry with Andrea. Sgt. Ross finds out about the beach house, and takes Jim with him when the police surround the house. Ricky tries to bluff her way out with the starting pistol, but is shot and killed by the police. Linda tries to make a run for it, but she is overpowered, and Erica is freed. Meg goes to the boathouse, but Doreen and Peter have already left. Bea and Judy call off the cell blockade when they hear that Erica is free again. Andrea is momentarily upset by news of Ricky's death, but sees its publicity value to the "cause". Janet is sent to collect Bea and Judy from solitary: Bea wonders where she has seen Janet before. Jim hints that Bea and Judy could get themselves off the hook by claiming that Andrea was in it with them and planned her own kidnapping. Doreen and Peter break into the house belonging to Lizzie (the one left to her by Sid), even though it's next door to Colleen. Meg tells Jim all about Doreen, and Jim rings the police. Bea tells Judy that Andrea took advantage of her by asking her to deliver the letter. Colleen accompanies Lizzie come to tidy up Sid's house. Colleen doesn't come inside, and Doreen and Peter let Lizzie know that they are there. Judy shows Andrea the false letter she gave her and suspects she knows what was in the real one. Janet tells Meg that she would rather have been posted to another prison, as she thinks she remembers one of the women from a long time ago. Lizzie tells Doreen that the police are not looking for Peter, but Doreen says she already knows. Doreen says she is in love with Peter, and is afraid to lose him if he gets know the truth. Lizzie tells Doreen that she must tell him the truth anyway, but Peter is listening behind the door.

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  • Episode Number 67
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Tuesday, September 29, 1981
  • Production Code
  • Directors Wayne Cameron
  • Writers Barbara Ramsay
  • Guest Stars Kate Sheil (Officer Janet Conway), Ian Smith (Ted Douglas), Bethany Lee (Andrea Hennessy), Mary Charlston (Linda Golman), Bill Garner (Det Sgt Ross), Kate Turner (Ricky Lee), Stefan Dennis (Peter Richards), Joy Westmore (Officer Joyce Barry)
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