A police officer comes to talk to Colleen. Janet and Meg go out for a night on the town. Sandy tells the other prisoners that if there is anyone who can donate a kidney for Bea, they will get certain advantages from it. Colleen is annoyed with Lizzie and tells her that she saw her with the flask of kerosene. Lizzie tells Judy and Doreen that she set the house on fire to stop Gordon getting hold of it. The three of them tell the whole story to Sandy. Sandy suggests that a copy of Colleen's letter should be sent to the newspaper, and they should hold on to the original. Meg tells Janet that Bob is in Indonesia for six months. A couple of men try to chat up Meg and Janet. Meg tries to get rid of them by telling them where they work, but it doesn't have the desired effect. Meg has an idea when a big hefty bloke comes into the pub, and says he is her husband and that he'll be very angry if he sees her drinking in a pub. Meg's suitor immediately cools off and makes himself scarce. Doreen's drawing is returned and Wendy the receptionist is amused when she takes the wrapping paper off. Sandy tells Colleen about the letter, and puts pressure on her to "forget" that she saw Lizzie. Colleen's letter is published in the paper and Erica is furious when she sees it, but it is anonymous so she doesn't know who wrote it. Bea feels slightly better after her dialysis treatment. Kate hints to Erica that one of the officers is being critical about the way the prison is being run. Erica takes Kate to her office, where Kate tells her that the statements in the newspaper come from Colleen. Erica offers to let her work in sickbay. Doreen unveils her picture: it shows Jim and Conway in a "compromising position". This infuriates Janet and she shouts at Doreen. Erica has to calm Janet down. Kate gives Sandy the impression that she was responsible for their loss of privileges. Dr. Kennedy tells Bea that the other prisoners are taking tests to see whose kidney is compatible with hers. Bea is sure that the doctors are keeping something from her. Doreen meets Dr. Kennedy: he tells her that tissue samples from Doreen match Bea's, and that it is possible for her to donate a kidney, if she is willing to do so.

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  • Episode Number 77
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Wednesday, October 28, 1981
  • Production Code
  • Directors Lex Van Os
  • Writers Wendy Jackson
  • Guest Stars Judith McGrath (Officer Colleen Powell), Kate Sheil (Officer Janet Conway), Maureen Edwards (Officer Bailey), Reylene Pearce (Phyllis Hunt), Brian James (Dr Kennedy), Diane Greentree (Sister Franklin), Helen Noonan (Wendy Scott), Col Elliott (Paul)
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