There is a cell search, and Colleen tries to get Meg to leave her alone to search Sandy's cell, but Meg points out that the regulations require there to be two officers present. Sandy gets a visit from her "lawyer", John Fitzwater, who is really working for McNally. He wants Sandy to recruit women from the prison to work as prostitutes on their release. Sandy asks for him to arrange to smuggle extra washing along with the normal deliveries. Sandy ransacks her cell, just as Colleen and Meg turn up. Sandy takes the opportunity to annoy Colleen by making hints about the letter. Meg discovers that her ID badge is missing. Meg goes to find Colleen and discovers her searching Sandy's cell. Colleen tries to explain it away, and finds the ID badge on the floor, but instead of giving it to Meg, she puts it in her own pocket. Lizzie collects the "extra" orders from the kitchen. Jim, Colleen and Meg have a meeting with Erica, and Erica notices that Meg has lost her badge. Colleen takes the chance to play the part of Meg's guardian angel: she says that she found the badge a while ago, but forgot to give it back to Meg. Lizzie has made sure that yeast was among the goods she ordered, so that she can start making home brew. Meg comes out of Erica's office after a dressing down. Janet discovers that Lizzie has a stash of cigarettes. The prisoners get new uniforms. Sandy tells Bea that they can earn more money by having extra washing smuggled in. Lizzie's talk of operations makes Doreen nervous. Erica tries to get Sandy to influence the other women to accept the new rules, but gets the cold shoulder from her. Kate sees where Sandy has hidden Colleen's letter. Doreen starts to feel that she's been put under pressure to agree to the operation when she didn't really want it. Kate tells Colleen that she knows where the letter is and will tell her if Colleen will organise a visit for her. Doreen explains to the other women in the dining room that the operation to donate a kidney to Bea has been called off. Sandy lets Doreen explain why she changed her mind, and Doreen explains that she is afraid. Colleen arranges Kate's visit, but Kate is a little sly and won't tell her straight out where the letter is. She hints that people under stress like Colleen get sweaty palms and recommends she use talcum powder on them. The letter is hidden in Sandy's talcum powder container. The first delivery of extra laundry arrives, with money hidden among it. Colleen asks Sandy to tidy up her cell, and Sandy finds the letter has gone. The visitor Kate wanted turns out to be Inspector Grace, and she offers to be a informer for him

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  • Episode Number 79
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Wednesday, November 4, 1981
  • Production Code
  • Directors Kendal Flanagan
  • Writers Barbara Ramsay
  • Guest Stars Sheila Florance (Lizzie Birdsworth), Olivia Hamnett (Kate Peterson), Louise Le Nay (Sandy Edwards), Brian James (Dr Kennedy), Maureen Edwards (Officer Bailey), Terry Gill (Det Insp Grace), Paul Glen (John Fitzwater), Reylene Pearce (Phyllis Hunt)
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