Jim and Meg escape just as the rioting women take control of the prison but Steve and Janet are trapped inside. The inmates bicker amongst themselves - Marie stirs everyone up, Margo mouths off and Sandy tries to keep control of the situation. Outside the jail, Erica won't allow the police to storm the building, to Jim's disgust. Steve manages to get to a phone and tell the police they are still inside but he ends up having to hide up in the roof from the prisoners. The women give Erica their list of demands. In hospital, Bea hears of the riot on TV and phones the prison to speak to Erica, but Ted Douglas won't let her. The marauding women finally track down Steve, separated from Janet, in the Governor's office. On Sandy's orders, they pin him to Erica's desk and start to strip him.

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  • Episode Number 1
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Tuesday, February 9, 1982
  • Production Code
  • Directors Leigh Spence
  • Writers Ian Bradley
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