Sandy tries to seduce Steve, but they are distracted by all the commotion and he overpowers her. He finds Jim and they manage to regain control of the situation. Cops swarm into the prison. When they find Janet, they assume she is an inmate and knock her out. Marie tries to escape dressed as an officer but is caught by Erica. In the aftermath of the riot, Kate lets Sandy know the women think it was a waste of time. Sandy is sent to solitary and security measures are increased. Jim applies for another job. Marie siezes control as Top Dog and takes over Sandy's laundry racket, asking Fitzwater to pay them in drugs rather than money. At Lizzie's trial, Colleen testifies against her but is demolished by the defence. Gordon Humphrey admits he wanted to demolish the house and have the land rezoned, prompting an outburst from Lizzie, who is ultimately acquitted of the arson charges.

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  • Episode Number 3
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Tuesday, February 16, 1982
  • Production Code
  • Directors John Duncan
  • Writers John Mortimore
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  • Is Movie
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