Maxine is not pleased to discover that Joan is Nola's new partner. Nola announces she is taking orders for anything the girls want, but Bea insists no drugs. Maxine calls Roxy and gets her to bring in a load of goods. Joan oversees the visit, and Bea is suspicious of how Maxie got the goods past the screws. Faye gets a cleaning job, and makes some cash from a few good racing tips. However, she turns down an offer from an old friend to handle some stolen goods from him. Colleen seems to be interested in Chris Young in more than a work capacity, and they grow closer. She visits his house, and ends up staying for lunch with him and the kids. Lori tells Judy she wants to give the baby up for adoption, but Judy begs her not to make the same mistake she did. After a lot of persuading, and a visit to a deaf school, Lori relents and returns to Geoff, taking the baby with her.

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  • Episode Number 21
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Thursday, April 7, 1983
  • Production Code
  • Directors Kendal Flanagan
  • Writers Dave Worthington
  • Guest Stars
  • Is Movie
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