Janice apologises to Colleen. Colleen invites Chris to dinner at Meg's, but Meg has to go into work. Patrick turns up just before Chris, and a row ensues. Chris leaves; Colleen turns up at his place later, and they end up kissing. Nola comes up with a scheme to fool Lizzie into thinking she's gone deaf. Bea thinks Lizzie will easily see through the joke, but she doesn't. Jill continues snooping around. Maxine finds Jill's shorthand notes, recognises names in them and tells Bea. Jill lies and says she's doing a thesis for uni. Faye is upset when Glynis bans her from seeing Billy after she takes him to the races. She goes to stay at Driscoll. Helen brings a hooker called Lindy to stay after her pimp beats her up. When the Wentworth girls arrive at Driscoll for the work party, Judy's shy new neighbour Trevor is befriended by Maxie, to his mother's horror.

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  • Episode Number 23
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Tuesday, April 12, 1983
  • Production Code
  • Directors Chris Adshead
  • Writers Coral Drouyn
  • Guest Stars
  • Is Movie
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