Joan brushes off Lizzie's accusations, but the seeds are sown in Erica and Colleen's minds. Lizzie and Maxine admit Joan is involved, but won't lag on Nola. Joan visits Lizzie after lights out to threaten her. Lindy goes out on the town and meets a man called Tony, but she won't have sex with him. In the middle of the night, someone climbs through Lindy's window and rapes her. Next morning, she tells the police it was Trevor. He is arrested, charged and bailed, but it wasn't him: the real rapist phones Lindy. Helen is arrested when a ""client"" turns out to be cop, and arrives in Wentworth. The Department allow the women to get duvet covers and stuff for their cells, and Helen draws up their list for Erica. Lainie Dobson and Ellen Farmer arrive on remand; Lainie is covered in tattoos and doesn't want to strip off. Later, Nola spots them holding hands and remarks ""they're a couple of dykes!""

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  • Episode Number 28
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Thursday, April 28, 1983
  • Production Code
  • Directors Steve Mann
  • Writers Wendy Jackson
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  • Is Movie
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