Bea is blamed for Denise's bashing and sent back to the pound. Nola tells Joan it was Maxine and Phyllis who did it. Denise goes to trial, and Russell blurts out the truth, that he killed his brother and Denise covered for him. Her charges are dropped and she is released. Maxine gets her parole, but she needs a job and a home and refuses to go home to her folks. Judy says she can come and work at Driscoll. Maxie later learns her estranged father has died of a heart attack, and decides to go home to her mother and make amends. Joan invites Ann to her house to help with paperwork, and takes the chance to slag off Meg and Colleen to the new Governor. Bea sinks deeper into despair, and Meg wants Dr Weissman to see her. Bea persuades Zara to rig up a Ouija board to contact Debbie, but Bea ends up in hysterics. Meanwhile, Nola builds a zip gun for Bea to use on herself.

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  • Episode Number 41
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Thursday, June 9, 1983
  • Production Code
  • Directors Steve Mann
  • Writers Marcus Cole
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  • Is Movie
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