Joan tells Fellowes she has a statement from Brenda about Don Baxter's murder which will be handed to the police if anything happens to her: he agrees to stop the drug trade in Wentworth. Sonia and Brenda accuse each other of stealing the printing plate but Joan lets Brenda know she took it. Bobbie is taken to court and runs away from the police. Brenda is transferred to Barnhurst: Joan gives her the plate back before she goes. Ann learns she has to go into hospital for a biopsy. Lizzie gets a severe grilling from the parole board. Bobbie is recaptured and sentenced to six months. Lizzie is sent out into the garden while the parole board deliberate and discovers a body buried in the garden. David pulls a knife on her, saying there are two bodies - he ""set them free"" and now he's going to do the same to Lizzie...

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  • Episode Number 90
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Thursday, November 3, 1983
  • Production Code
  • Directors Bill Templer
  • Writers Coral Drouyn
  • Guest Stars
  • Is Movie
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