Joan finds a boy asleep in her lounge. His name is Shane and he's run away from his abusive father. She lets him stay the night. Wally insists on helping Myra with Kay. Marie tries to bribe Dennis to turn a blind eye to her drugs deliveries. Judy taunts Reb into admitting she bashed Phyllis and Meg overhears it. Moaning elderly inmate Dot Farrer is transferred to H Block after inciting a fight in B Block. Bobbie is told about Cass when she comes back from hospital and isn't pleased to be sharing a cell with Marlene. Dot moves in with Judy. Joan tells Ann she has already prepared her application for Ann's job. Dennis invites Heather to go out for dinner with him. Joan finds Shane's dog Nicky poisoned and rushes him to the vet. Marlene finds drugs in Marie's cell - Marie catches her and closes the door to bash her.

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  • Episode Number 46
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Thursday, June 21, 1984
  • Production Code
  • Directors Colin Budds
  • Writers Betty Quin, James Simmonds
  • Guest Stars
  • Is Movie
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