Peter Wright and his accomplice tie Meg to her bed, gag her and rape her. The women shun Bobbie following her attack on Angel. Meg tries to cope with her ordeal but won't listen to Ann's urging her to call the police. Joan lets the women know Angel lagged on Bobbie and they all realise what Angel is really like. Her grandmother visits the prison and tells Ann she is evil. One of the candidates for the vacant handyman's job turns out to be Stan. The other candidate, Neville Sloan, tries to heavy Stan to get him to drop out. Angel is sent to coventry by the inmates. Joan gets Lou and her heavies to beat Diedre up in the laundry. When Reb won't do anything to help her, Myra and Judy rush to her aid.

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  • Episode Number 67
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Tuesday, September 4, 1984
  • Production Code
  • Directors Kendal Flanagan
  • Writers Coral Drouyn
  • Guest Stars
  • Is Movie
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