Wentworth is in chaos following David Adams' suicide. Dwyer demands answers from Ann. A note left by David for Ann reveals the truth about Eve and she is taken to Solitary. She demands a new solicitor, and is sent a woman from Legal Aid as nobody else would take on her case. Cleared of the attack on Joyce, Reb is released. Joyce regains consciousness and accepts Mervin's proposal. Lou pays Lexie to tell Rita it was Joan who ruined her jacket. Joan wants Lou to stir the women up about May's death. Julie gets a bashing from Lou after thwarting her plans. Two old prostitutes, Jessie Windom and Mabel, reminisce about the past, and it emerges that Jessie is in fact Lexie's real mother. And in a new story, we meet abused wife Nancy McCormack and her loving son Peter, both tormented by her nasty husband Joe.

  • Episode Number 1
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
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  • Originally Aired Thursday, January 9, 1986
  • Production Code
  • Directors Tony Osicka
  • Writers Ian Coughlan
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