October 5, 1957 - November 22, 1963: As a result of leaping again before he had a chance to complete his original mission, Sam finds himself leaping back and forth through the life of Lee Harvey Oswald. Following the sole assassin theory, Sam and Al attempt to prevent Oswald's attack on John F. Kennedy. But, with each leap giving Oswald more control over Sam's body, history seems doomed to repeat itself.

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  • Episode Number 2
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
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  • Originally Aired Tuesday, September 22, 1992
  • Production Code 68102A
  • Directors James Whitmore Jr.
  • Writers Donald P. Bellisario
  • Guest Stars Donna Magnani, Elya Baskin, Reni Santoni, Willie Garson, Natasha Pavlovich, Michael Rich, Philip McNiven, Ward C. Boland, Rodney Kageyama, Patty Toy, James Medina, Chris Kinkade, Charles Nelson, Erika Amato, Lazar Rockwood, Nathan Lisle, Becky London, Karen Ingram
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  • IMDB tt0681139
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