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When Chickens Learn to Fly

When Effie chickens out the instructor tells her to sit down and Emily gets up and is the first one to jump, and she is so excited that she screams the whole way down. Then Christian goes next and he takes his US flag with him, and he does not even want a countdown he just jumps. Then was Devin and during his jump he tries to do a swan dive but he over extends and does a flip. And then Timmy goes next and he does not even wait for the count he just jumps, when he gets back up he says that was for his friend Ty that had died of cancer. After everyone is back on the gondola the instructor says that one more person needs to jump and get the last road key, and just then Effie jumps up and says that she will get it. So they suit her up again and this time she goes backwards and she jumps and when they pull her up there is the key attached to the rope. After they pull her up the instructor says that it is too late to get their prize, so they have to wait till morning. So after everyone gets