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Good Morning Vietnam

Lace up those tennies, because it's race time! After disembarking in Vietnam, the gang scurries to face a challenging three-part mission. During the first leg of the competition, the Roadies must carry baskets of fruit across a countryside course. Easy, you say? Think again. Transporting a twenty-pound load over a flimsy footbridge, across a murky river and through a bustling street is no simple task - especially when you're relying on antiquated bicycles, wobbly canoes and an equally-exhausted teammate to get you there. With some good-natured rivalry, the Road Rulers quickly pair up and speed off. Teamwork spells victory for Yes and Veronica, who are the first duo to cross the finish line. Round two calls for a unique shopping trip through an authentic open-air market. Putting their queasiness at bay, the troopers dutifully check the required chicken heads, pig tails and frog legs off their lists. But the fun's not over yet. The kids soon learn that they must not only fork over