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10 Days

When we last left the Roadies, a hesitant Pua had asked for a word with her extremely-uncomfortable cast mate, Veronica. With a deeply-drawn breath, Pua reveals that she discovered her missing halter top hidden amongst Veronica's belongings. Holding back her tears, Pua admits that she feels terrible about looking through Veronica's property, but she had an unsettling hunch that her roomie was lying. Veronica, her mouth agape with disbelief, repeatedly denies the allegation, slyly pointing the accusatory finger back at Pua for being a snoop. Her downcast eyes begging for truth, Pua makes one final plea for Veronica to be honest, but her grimacing cast mate won't budge. But Veronica isn't the only Roadie facing an inquisition. Falling prey to another surprise administrative attack, Yes must take the stand against two of the ship's deans. Concerned that he may be slacking in his homework, they firmly encourage him to get out of the social scene and into the books. Before leaving, Yes g