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Letting Out the True Feelings

The Road Rulers arrive in Los Angeles where their Truth or Dare mission brings out some crazy behavior, including a creative striptease by Theo. The Truth part of the mission creates some tension among the team, as they are required to reveal their true thoughts about their fellow teammates. The Truth or Dare mission creates some serious tension among the team as they face their final mission. In the final mission, the team must create their own mission, in which the only requirements are that they spend $5000 or less, that The Mission Board approves it, and that they choose something that forces them to face a fear. The Mission Board listens to the top three missions including participating in an adventure race, getting buried alive in a coffin, and getting married to a stranger in Las Vegas. The Mission Board choose the Vegas mission, but changes it to require the Road Rulers to pair up and marry one another, which they are not at all happy about.