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Glacier Climb

Cara's Complaint of the Day: The RV smells like dirty feet. Most of the other Roadies are tired of her nitpicking and think she needs to lighten up and just have a good time. It probably wouldn't hurt if Donell put a hose to his feet every once and a while too. Always playing both sides, Dave says he loves his roommates, but ""some of them bitch so much, I can't even believe it."" Translation: ""Cara is a bitch."" And so the unlikely duo of Cara and Dave decide to spend the day together in Wellington. Cara, in what looks like an attempt to flirt with Dave, says today her mission is to get to know Dave better. Aww, that's cute and not bitchy at all. What she doesn't know is that if she fails this mission, Abe will return to the RV. (Just Kidding, Cara!) Dave says they bond during Cara's ""mission"" and he is glad he got to know her better. He understands her more and admires her for saying what's on her mind. The final verdict: she's one of the ""funniest coolest chicks I know"" he declares. La

  • Originally Aired July 28, 2003
  • Runtime 25 minutes
  • Production Code 1210
  • Network MTV