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Handsome Reward

The long awaited final mission has finally arrived as the Roadies wind down their tour of the South Pacific. Jeremy, who has barely unpacked his bags, waxes philosophical about how the journey has been long for some, but not long enough for others. Ready to earn the last piece of the tattoo, they learn a brand new car is at stake. The original Roadies thought it would be cool if they sat up at the front of the RV on the way to the last mission. But Chris and Jeremy are offended that the fab three want to create a division in the group at this stage in the game. Christena is not surprised that the arguing and drama runs right up until the last day. At the mission site, they see an obstacle course that looks like a giant suspended puzzle. The Roadies will pair up and must traverse the course. After each pair crosses the platforms together, they must grab a key, which is hanging from a chain, to their Subaru. Of course there's always that--if one person doesn't reach the end of the course