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Measure Up

Angela, Derrick, Nick and Jodi talk about what happened the night before when Jillian and Patrick were rockin' the RV. Meanwhile, Jillian is aware that Angela doesn't like her. Angela continues her complain about Jillian at lunch with Nick. Going into the ""Measure Up"" mission, the Roadies hope to start a winning streak and not have to send anyone home the rest of the trip. The Roadies arrive at a hotel fitness center and it soon becomes apparent that Angela is not happy and would much rather be at home than competing in a mission. Her teammates begin to worry that she will intentionally do something to make them lose a mission just so she can go home. For the mission, the Roadies must collect sweat off of their bodies and put it into a container. To win the mission, they must collect a designated amount of sweat. Everyone except Angela tries to work up a sweat, but it soon becomes clear that the guys will be the ones who produce the most sweat, so the girls serve as the sweat collector