Kaoru was injured and the only way to cure her is to go into the mountains and find the dragon fountain and get the water only then she will be cured. Jinpu creates a plan, he and Kenshin will go and get the water, Sanosuke and his friend will find some sort of statue and will destroy it and Yahiko will stay behind to protect Kaoru. So far everything has been successful Sanosuke is doing fine, and Kenshin and Jinpu are on their way. Meanwhile the water clan is slowly destroying the Eigou formation, Kenshin and Jinpu finally make it into the mountain and Kenshin grabs the water, the caves started to cave in and Kenshin and Jinpu got out. The Ryu Myaku started to move east of Musashino and the battle was not over yet.

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  • Episode Number 30
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  • Originally Aired Tuesday, August 4, 1998
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