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The First Time

In therapy, Chelsea makes a stunning revelation in saying that she's had ten prior ""soul mates"" out of roughly 200 past sex partners. James is completely floored by the number of notches on his new bride's bedpost, but still promises to make an effort in being supportive and decides accompany her to an art gallery celebration. At the gallery, his insecurities drive him to quiz everyone on their past sexual exploits until he and Chelsea get into a shouting match that gets them kicked out of the party. Oddly, this turns out to be a bonding experience, at least until Chelsea adds to the drama by revealing that she was married to someone before James as well. Meanwhile, we learn more of story of Connie and Bill. When Bill lost his job, he also lost Connie's respect and adoration. Ever since then, they've been bickering and romance or any kind of intimacy has been out of the question. When her sister Ginny volunteers to help Bill to get his act togther, Connie is both anxious and grateful f

Name Type Role
Susan Chuang Guest Star
Jamie Kaler Guest Star
Kaitlin Olson Guest Star