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A Breck, A Brother & A Funeral

While jogging with Ginny, Connie confesses her ""affair"" with her co-worker Rick, convinced that her mother's deathbed ""cheaters"" accusation was directed at her. At Rose's funeral, Bill receives a phone call with an exciting job offer, which only serves to annoy his wife and the other mourners. Ginny reveals Connie's infatuation with Rick as well as her affair with Bill, scandalizing everyone. Meanwhile, James grows dishearted when Chelsea's snowboarding ex-husband Breck pays them an extended (and unexpected) visit. Naturally, his spaced out attitude and exhibitionism make an awkward situation even harder to cope with. When their post-dinner conversation turns to Breck's new girlfriend, Blue, it's Chelsea's turn to act defensive and uncomfortable. After hitting the breaking point and stomping off, the two men are left ironically bonding over what both consider to be her controlling nature. Finally, Eleanor announces her suspicion that Ethan's brother Seth is secretly gay. Joining Seth a