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Crying, Lying & Still Trying

In therapy, Alex gets Devon to acknowledge that he dislikes his job, encouraging him to use the magnetism he believes he has to find a more suitable one. With the help of his entrepreneurial brother-in-law Larry, he develops the notion for a new brand of clothing: ""Re-Nig"" Discouraged by Alex's rather vocal opposition, the men head out for coffee. There, they discuss their ideas with a few of Larry's female friends. When one of the more bold women demonstrates her support by daringly placing her tongue in Devon's ear, Larry gets offended and disbands the partnership. Without a doubt, ""Re-Nig"" becomes a success. Meanwhile, Chelsea wants to take things slow with James, feeling that rushing intimacy has been the cause of disaster in past relationship. On the other hand, James resorts to more of a ""use it or lose it"" philosophy. At a local video store, Chelsea admits that her plan is to rent a video as background for a make-out session. However, James coerces her into renting a porno flick