Rick calls CJ and tells him that Amber is coming home with his son. CJ is relieved to know that Rick is the father. Raymond waits with Sally when CJ arrives with the news. Raymond is thankful and Sally states that Amber is very lucky. Brooke tells Eric, Ridge and Taylor that she is determined to find out what Amber is hiding. Rick calls and informs her that Amber is on her way home with his son. They all head out the door to Stephanie's house. Rick goes to Stephanie and tells her the news. She is pleased and congratulates him. When Eric, Ridge, Taylor and Brooke arrive, Brooke stands off to the side and is upset that her hopes have been smashed. Amber is distraught that she is taking Becky's baby home to Rick. Tawny tells her that the child is now a Forrester and reminds her that she will lose Rick if there was no baby. Tawny drives Amber and the child back to town.

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  • Originally Aired Monday, May 3, 1999
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