Kimberly tells Adam that Amber's baby may not be Rick's. Adam tells Kimberly that she has to move on and is furious that Brooke has been filling her head with false hope. Rick calls Kimberly to inform her first hand that Amber gave birth to his son. Kimberly is devastated. Everybody gathers at the Forrester home, awaiting Amber's arrival. Eric is concerned that Amber is travelling back so soon after having the baby, but Rick tells them that Tawny is coming too. Ridge notices that Rick is upset after talking with Kimberly. Ridge and Brooke both promise to be there for him should he need it. Stephanie corners Brooke and is angry when Brooke insists that something is still going on with Amber. In the car, Amber feels sick thinking about what she is about to do. Tawny tells her that she has to do it. Tawny adds that the baby swith never happened and that this child is Rick's son.

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  • Originally Aired Tuesday, May 4, 1999
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