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Season 1

Season 2

  • S02E01 Autumn Tints (part 1)

    • October 20, 1977

    Rosemary tries to gain a confession from Peter: Jack and Phyllis return from their honeymoon.

  • S02E02 Autumn Tints (part 2)

    • October 21, 1977

    Rosemary resolves to divorce Geoffrey. Vicky is depressed, and there is disappointment for Liz.

  • S02E03 The Scapegoat (part 1)

    • October 27, 1977

    Arthur can now reveal the offer of the post of Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Lord of the Admiralty.

  • S02E04 The Scapegoat (part 2)

    • October 28, 1977

    Jack is stunned by Geoffery's call for his resignation.The Von Heynigs arrive without Klaus; Klaus and Vicky's possible engagement is discussed.

  • S02E05 Rumour (part 1)

    • November 3, 1977

    The von Heynigs return to Munich with Vicky and Laura,and Vicky witnesses a Nazi rally. Arthur, meanwhile, is characterised as a Nazi sympathiser in the press.

  • S02E06 Rumour (part 2)

    • November 4, 1977

    Peter becomes increasingly concerned for Laura.

  • S02E07 Mystery in Munich (part 1)

    • November 10, 1977

    Vicky missed Klaus, and Peter feels Laura's absence sharply. Capt. Julian Palmer is to move into the mill-house on the Layford estate.

  • S02E08 Mystery in Munich (part 2)

    • November 11, 1977

    Mrs Gates is involved in a road accident. Arthur's mother arrives at Larkfield, and there is a troubling call from London.

  • S02E09 Official Enquiry (part 1)

    • November 17, 1977

    Laura's grandmother has died. With no word from Laura, Peter and Arther intend to go to Germany to look for her.

  • S02E10 Official Enquiry (part 2)

    • November 18, 1977

    Laura returns, claiming no knowledge of the von Heynig's disappearance.

  • S02E11 Deep Waters (part 1)

    • November 24, 1977

    Jack announces that Geoffery will return to London after the launch of the Nice branch of Poole Aviation

  • S02E12 Deep Waters (part 2)

    • November 25, 1977

    Liz has disappeared after arguing with Gwilym; a search is launched on the Welsh border.

  • S02E13 Recrimination (part 1)

    • December 1, 1977

    Gwilym searches for Liz, while Vicky is convinced her sister is dead.

  • S02E14 Recrimination (part 2)

    • December 2, 1977

    Liz is safe. Gwilym is furious on being told that he cannot talk to her.

  • S02E15 The Ugly Truth (part 1)

    • December 8, 1977

    Liz tells Arthur of her dilemma. Peter tries to talk Laura out of the Spanish visit, Klaus returns.

  • S02E16 The Ugly Truth (part 2)

    • December 9, 1977

    Klaus describes his parent's arrest; Laura insists that they have been fairly treated.

  • S02E17 Cariad (part 1)

    • December 15, 1977

    Liz and Gwilym are reunited, and Lady Alice and Mrs Gates are feuding.

  • S02E18 Cariad (part 2)

    • December 16, 1977

    Alice apologises to Mrs Gates, and Liz is remorseful after spending a night with Gwilym.

  • S02E19 An Old Flame (part 1)

    • December 22, 1977

    Lady Alice is visited by a former beau, and a letter from Laura describes the miseries of the civil war.

  • S02E20 An Old Flame (part 2)

    • December 23, 1977

    Laura is injured and trapped in a village, Peter resolves to rescue her.

  • S02E21 A Good Living (part1)

    • December 29, 1977

    The selection of a new parish priest causes conflict.

  • S02E22 A Good Living (part 2)

    • December 30, 1977

    Ralph takes Liz and Rosie to meet prospective parish priest Dieter, in the hope of changing Arthur's mind.

  • S02E23 Blind Spot (part 1)

    • January 5, 1978

    Vicky sees a way to marry Klaus, and former cadet Clive seeks Jullian's help in a delicate matter at the Admiralty.

  • S02E24 Blind Spot (part 2)

    • January 6, 1978

    Clive explains that he has been accused of spying for the Communists.

Season 3

  • S03E01 The Party Spirit

    • July 2, 1978

    January, 1938: Lady Alice celebrates her 70th birthday surrounded by family and friends. Arthur defends his stand against Conservative policy, and Phyllis has surprising news.

  • S03E02 A Change of Plan

    • July 9, 1978

    Liz's medical skills prove vital in a difficult birth, and she also scores a tactical triumph when she takes Phyllis to see the baby boy. Elsewhere, Arthur lunches with journalist Angela again.

  • S03E03 Nocturne

    • July 16, 1978

    Rosie and Lady Mary Cranford have organised a Red Cross benefit concert, but with the pianist struck down by bronchitis, Vicky is persuaded to do the honours...

  • S03E04 No Further Demands

    • July 23, 1978

    News of the Anschluss reaches Larkfield, while the situation of the happily pregnant Phyllis Poole contrasts sharply with that of an estate worker and his pregnant wife, who face eviction.

  • S03E05 Raising the Wind

    • July 30, 1978

    Nearby Ellesmore Estate is earmarked to be turned into a factory. Arthur joins the protest, but it is Angela who makes the conclusion an anticipated celebration for all concerned.

  • S03E06 Home and Abroad

    • August 6, 1978

    The gathering storm in the outside world is reflected in traumatic events at Larkfield, with a fatal road accident and tragedy for an estate worker causing concern for Arthur.

  • S03E07 A Race Against Time

    • August 13, 1978

    Phyllis tries not to worry about Jack, who is competing in the King's Cup air race, while a secretly married Peter and Laura share a blissful week in the South of France.

  • S03E08 Fool's Paradise

    • August 20, 1978

    While the Bournes try to take their minds off the prospects of war with a light-hearted home movie, Arthur is angered by Government inactivity in the face of German re-armament.

  • S03E09 Times Remembered

    • August 27, 1978

    It is now August 1938. Phyllis and Jack are preparing to leave for La Touquet with baby son William. Geoffrey's girlfriend has left him, and Nanny's behaviour is a cause for concern.

  • S03E10 On The March

    • September 3, 1978

    Arthur is horrified to hear that Liz has been arrested during an anti-appeasement march in London, and Laura and Peter find their wedding boycotted as a result...

  • S03E11 In The Red

    • September 10, 1978

    Laura and Peter's wedding dominates the thoughts of the Bourne and Cartland families, but Arthur has deepening financial worries.

  • S03E12 A Call to Arms

    • September 17, 1978

    Preparations for war are all around. Jack expects to join the RAF; Peter receives orders to stand by; Laura plans to join one of the woman's services. Vicky is determined to follow Klaus to Germany...

  • S03E13 Peace in our Time

    • September 24, 1978

    Arthur is alone in voicing his reservations on the terms of the Munich Agreement. Vicky has discovered the truth about Klaus, and there is devastating news for Laura.