The Powerpuff Girls

Created by Craig McCracken, The Powerpuff Girls has become popular with a broad audience. The Powerpuff Girls first incarnation was as a project for Craig McCracken's college class at The California Arts Institution in 1992. Three years later, the crew at Cartoon Network saw it and gave it its first pilot in 1995. Later on in the following year, The Powerpuff Girls had their second pilot, and finally a TV series in 1998. The show is about three little girls who were created in a laboratory experiment by Professor Utonium, who combined sugar, spice, and everything nice in an effort to create the perfect little girl. However, the professor accidentally added some "Chemical X" into the mix, and the three girls were born from the resulting explosion. With their super charged powers, they challenge the forces of evil so that justice will prevail. The Powerpuff Girls is one of Cartoon Network's original animated series and is part of the collection known as Cartoon Cartoons.

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  • Series ID 76200
  • Status Ended
  • First Aired 1998-11-18
  • Network Cartoon Network
  • Runtime 12
  • Genres Action, Animation, Children, Comedy
  • Airs Thursday
  • Rating TV-Y7
  • IMDB tt0175058
  • Schedules Direct SH158244
  • 3704
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  • Last Updated 02/24/2018 12:55am


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