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Spiritual Summoning: Shrine Maiden of Life

The episode starts out with Rumina taking Ruri out to see a real ""botanical garden"". The garden that he takes her to is at the back of their house but unfortunately, it's overgrown with weeds and most of the flowers are dead due to neglect. Rumina promises Ruri that he will take her to as many gardens as she wants. In the meantime, the bad guy that we saw in the first episode, Seki, has found Chelsea and Ruri. Chelsea first defeats all of Seki's soldiers but this has sapped her strength. At a crucial moment in her fight with Seki, she ran out of gravity power. Seki surrounds her in a high-burning ring of fire, intending to suffocate her. Rumina challenges Seki but was killed in one blow. Ruri decides that it's all her fault and uses her abilities as the Shrine Maiden of Life to cast a spiritual summoning and restore Rumina's life. Once revived, Rumina appears to have also gained the power to manipulate wind. He sends Seki flying and the latter decides to take off, but not before warnin

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Name Type Role
Katsuyuki Kumazawa Writer
Hayato Date Director